We take the blockchain technology to the future, beyond cryptocurrencies and financial transactions! In order to make the activity more efficient and to offer exclusively online services, certSIGN has developed for companies certME - the first service in Romania to guarantee the identity in the blockchain.

Regardless of whether we talk about bank loans, utilities, telecom services, insurance or the provision of other services / goods, the conclusion of contracts online necessarily (and every time) involves the digital enrollment process - so that there is no doubt about the real identity of contractor.

With certME, digital enrollment is done only once, this digital service based on blockchain technology allowing several companies to share their digital enrollment processes with customers. Thus, companies can deliver services to trusted digital identities (according to the eIDAS Regulation) by interacting with customers exclusively online. Companies reach more customers and reduce the cost of interaction with them. Also, customers can benefit from services from many suppliers with only one road to the closest certME partner.

Regarding the security of the personal data of the clients, it should be remembered that, once reached the blockchain, the data cannot be modified in an unauthorized way. In short - no personal data is entered in the blockchain. The implementation is made in such a way that no personal data is recorded in any location that is related to the management solution of the certME identity, and the manipulation and decision regarding the personal data are only within the reach of their owner!



certME is the only decentralized service that uses blockchain technology to deliver digital identities in accordance with the eIDAS Regulation, at a substantial level of assurance.

For services and products providers

• costs reduction (paper, personnel, travel, time, transmission and storage of documents) in the identification and knowledge processes made when enrolling clients;

• extension of the customer base - the enrollment and contract signing (for services or products delivery of goods) processes take place exclusively online (transition from the potential customers in the vicinity of a location to a base of potential customers online, without geographical limitation).

For natural persons beneficiaries

• no time and money costs related to traveling to the offices of the providers for services or products;

• continuous availability of operations (service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week);

• the range of accessible services and providers of the same service is expanded.