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Our products for creating electronic signatures are used daily by hundreds of thousands of clients across Europe and Central Asia.



The qualified certificate issued in accordance with the eIDAS Regulation allows to generate legally binding qualified electronic signatures.

A qualified electronic signature is the legal equivalent of handwritten signature

Kit for electronic signature

  • Electronic signature kit 3 years validity- Price: 96 Euro
  • Electronic signature kit 2 years validity- Price: 73 Euro
  • Electronic signature kit 1 year validity- Price: 47 Euro

Renew certificate

  • Qualified certificate with 3 years validity- Price: 81 Euro
  • Qualified certificate with 2 years validity - Price: 57 Euro
  • Qualified certificate with 1 year validity - Price: 30 Euro


One of the most important components of online transactions is to create a trustworthy environment in which potential customers feel secure about making transactions. SSL certificates create a trust base by establishing a secure connection.

What is the most important part of an SSL certificate? It is electronically signed by a trusted certification authority, such as certSIGN. Anyone can create a certificate, but browsers only recognize trusted certificates from an organization on their list.

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Contracts and other important documents can be approved in minutes when you use the electronic signature. Wherever the signatories are - in different cities or countries -, with our signature creation applications, signing documents is as easy as if they were all at the same table.


  • Electronically signs and time stamps any type of electronic document
  • Encrypts and decrypts confidential documents
  • Checks and validates electronically signed documents


  • Electronically signs and time stamps thousands of electronic documents per minute
  • After signing, the document has the extension .PDF
  • Back-office integration


EU Directive 2015/2366 on payment services in the internal market (PSD2 Directive) requires that all transactions to be handled through secure channels and all data shall be protected concerning authenticity and integrity.

certSIGN, as a Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP), is authorized to issue QWACs and QSEALs - PSD2 compliant certificates, while also providing consulting and verification services.



A free utility that can check your electronic signature and allows you to view electronically signed documents.
If you do not want an electronic signing of the information but receive such electronically signed data, shellSAFE Verify is all you need to access electronically signed documents. The application can check any type of electronic signature, regardless of the solution used to create it.

You can not access electronically signed documents using shellSAFE Verify if:

  • the document is encrypted - to decrypt files you need a digital certificate and software solutions to use it, such as clickSIGN
  • the document has been modified, in which case you will be warned that the document has been compromised.



hermes PDF.

Application that automatically sends a large quantity of electronically signed documents to a list of recipients. The application also provides automatic electronic signing of documents. Hermes PDF offers companies the opportunity to communicate securely confidential information to their customers.

By integrating with back-office systems, Hermes PDF can be used successfully for electronic invoicing, signing online contracts and communicating other sensitive data. Also, each message exchanged between the company and the customers can be attributed to a particular person and at a particular moment.

Hermes' functionalities guarantee your integrity, authenticity and non-repudiation of electronic documents by creating electronic signatures and time stamps.

Advantages of using Hermes PDF

  • Eliminates the risk of repudiating or altering a message
  • Reduces costs for maintaining business relationships
  • Streamlines business processes by eliminating paper and the effort of storing and transmitting it


The Electronic Seal is the new signature tool for legal persons. Thus, with the entry into force of eIDAS, an electronic seal is available for companies and private sector organizations, budget authorities and institutions.

The electronic seal certifies the legal value of a document issued by a legal person, and a qualified electronic seal guarantees the authenticity and integrity of a document issued by a legal person.

By using the electronic seal, a legal entity protects against the risk that a document issued by it is falsified / modified by someone else.

Applications of the electronic seal

  • Bank statements and invoices
  • Official notifications, legalizations, certifications
  • Wage certificates for credit applications
  • Offers and electronic documents
  • Medical documentation

A qualified electronic seal based on a qualified certificate issued by a Member State is recognized as a qualified electronic seal in all other Member States.


  • Qualified certificate for electronic seal
  • Qualified electronic seal creation device
  • clickSIGN software application


Complete suite of applications for creating electronic signatures and protecting information.
Using shellSAFE you can:

  • create one or more electronic signatures (cosignature / countersignature)
  • encrypt / decrypt documents for one or more recipients
  • get automated mail security by integrating into your email client
  • delete files in a secure manner
  • verify digital certificates status online
  • use time stamping services

The individual components of shellSAFE ensure optimal security for all of the information processing activities they carry:

shellSAFE components


Application that electronically signs and encrypts files.


Application for automatic encryption of documents stored on the workstation. diskSAFE creates a virtual partition and all the information you save on this partition is automatically encrypted with your digital certificate. To protect documents in transit, individual encryption by clickSIGN is recommended.


Secure information removal application. To prevent the recovery of a deleted file from the operating system, shredSAFE rewrites the contents of the file multiple times with random information. This process removes from the system any trace of confidential documents that had to be destroyed.