services .

All qualified trust services provided by certSIGN are recognized as having the same value in any EU member state. Each Member State shall enter in a pool of EU-wide trust of the providers of qualified trust services and the qualified trust services provided by them. This list is known as the Trust List and is used, for example, to automatically check if a document is signed with a qualified certificate.

Time stamping

  • A time stamp is an electronic data set issued by a time stamping service provider which guarantees the existence of electronic data at a certain point in time such as an electronic signature
  • A qualified electronic time stamp benefits in the event of a dispute from the presumption of the correctness of the date and time it indicates and the integrity of the data to which the given date and time is reported.
  • A qualified electronic time mark issued in a Member State is recognized as a qualified electronic time stamp in all Member States.

Remote signature

  • The eIDAS regulation introduces the possibility of signing documents with legal value at a distance
  • The remote signing service involves the secure storage of the digital certificate on certSIGN's servers
  • No token or special drivers are required to generate such signatures
  • The service can be purchased as a subscription with an unlimited number of signatures or various packages can be purchased with a predefined number of signatures