The solutions for digitization and security of information are adapted to the demanding requirements of state institutions.

We have been supporting digitization since 2006, offering electronic signature and electronic archiving services. We also know that most information in institutions is on paper. Physical archiving of documents helps them save space and relieves them of archive organization activities.

Data security is ensured globally, at the institution level, as well as at the level of each user, whether they work on computers or mobile devices.

We have prepared dedicated solutions for institutions with specific requirements:


Electronic interaction and digital services for citizens and the business environment are areas of interest for central and local public institutions. The digitization involves, first of all, offering alternatives to the presence at the counter, receiving and issuing documents in electronic form. These documents must be accepted by other institutions and must have legal value.

certSIGN offers electronic signature, electronic seal and time stamp solutions for generating electronic documents and archiving solutions for long-term document retention.

CSIRT Services are available to ensure protection against cyber threats.


Since 2007 we have been offering solutions for intelligent transport. We have the complete infrastructure for registering applications, issuing and managing cards for the digital tachograph. We have developed Public Key Infrastructures and we offer certification services for tachograph cards personalization.


Data security solutions developed by certSIGN are certified for the protection of classified information in Romania and at NATO level. Since the establishment of the company we have been involved in projects in the area of national defense and security. We are participating in NATO - CWIX (Coalition Warrior Interoperability Exercise) interoperability tests.

CSIRT services provide protection against adversaries and cyber threats for the organization's centralized systems and operations theaters.