certSIGN’s CEO discusses the impact of GDPR on e-commerce at ZF Mobilio

certSIGN participated today, 23rd April 2018, at the ZF Mobilio event, as an official partner.

ZF Mobilio brought on stage representatives of major IT&C industries, insurance, e-payment and consultancy in a series of discussions on the impact of the GDPR regulation on e-commerce.

Adrian Floarea, CEO of certSIGN, took part in the first discussion panel – "One month until GDPR's impact. In focus: The Impact on eCommerce", in which he spoke about the measures that companies should take – especially those in eCommerce – to protect the privacy of their personal data and to avoid penalties under the GPDR regulation.

certSIGN, one of the most important qualified trust services providers and developers of cyber security solutions in the region, provides products to protect the confidentiality and integrity of data accredited by ORNISS and included in the NATO NIAPC catalogue. At the same time, it provides consulting and security audit services designed to help companies comply with GDPR requirements.

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