Qualified trust service provider authorized to issue QWAC and QSEAL, certified in accordance with the PSD2 Directive.

What does the PSD2 Directive regulates?

EU Directive 2366/2015 on payment services in the internal market (PSD2 Directive) regulates payment services and payment service providers throughout the EU and European Economic Area (EEA), ensuring transparency and fair competition within the payment industry. The Directive requires that all transactions to be handled through secure channels and all data to be protected with respect to authenticity and integrity.

According to the regulations, QWAC (eIDAS Qualified Website Authentication Certificate) and QSealC (eIDAS Qualified electronic Seal Certificate) certificates are required to identify payment service providers.

certSIGN, as a Qualified trust service provider (QTSP), is licensed to issue QWAC and QSealC and is one of the few European QTSPs to issue PSD2 compliant certificates.

Our solutions

shop_pachet PSD2
PSD2 Pack
The pack contains an SSL certificate (QWAC) and an electronic seal (QSealC), issued in accordance with the PSD2 Directive, and is intended for banks and payment service providers to manage transactions through secure channels and protect the data traded in terms of authenticity and integrity.
1.500 Euros
shop_certificat PSD2
QWAC SSL Certificate
certSIGN’s QWAC SSL certificate is issued in accordance with the PSD2 Directive, guaranteeing the identity of the accessed site and ensuring the use of a secure HTTPS channel by the visitors of the site. It also guarantees that the information displayed is true and the data transmitted to the server is protected.
850 Euros
shop_sigiliu PSD2
QSealC electronic seal
The QSealC qualified electronic seal protects any legal person who uses it against the risk of an issued document being falsified or modified by someone else. PSD2 seals are issued in accordance with the PSD2 Directive on payment services in the internal market and are intended only for banks and payment service providers.
720 – 1.790 Euros

PSD2 implementation services

Consultancy services

Based on its experience as QTSP and long-term expertise in PKI, certSIGN offers consultancy services for technical and compliance assistance for implementation of PSD2 Directive requirements.

Verification services

certSIGN provides the software required to verify that certificates used by Third Party Providers (TPPs) are compliant with eIDAS & PSD2 requirements, and provides banks with confirmation of ithe dentity of TPPs that access bank system through the dedicated interface.

PSD2 & Open Banking White Paper

Find out more about the PSD2 Directive, respectively the related services and products offered by certSIGN, in this dedicated material.

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