We have been supporting the digital transformation of state institutions since 2006, with specific solutions adapted to the most demanding requirements, always taking into account information security.

solutions for the public sector

We know that most information in institutions is on paper. That is why we offer to the public environment electronic signature and archiving services (both electronic and physical), in order to facilitate the saving of space and to relieve the institutions of archive organizing activities. Data security is ensured globally, at the institution level, as well as at the level of each user, whether they work on computers or mobile devices.
Electronic interaction and digital services for citizens and the business environment are areas of interest for central and local public institutions. Digitization involves, first of all, offering alternatives to the presence at the counter, receiving and issuing documents in electronic form. These documents must be accepted by other institutions and must have legal value.
In addition, in special areas such as transport or defense and national security, special solutions are required, certSIGN having extensive experience in developing and providing them:


The digital transformation of society and economy has imposed the need for a radical change in service delivery practices, including at the level of state institutions. Digital mechanisms in the private sector have raised the expectations of citizens in the public sector, forcing modernization through the transition to electronic interactions. certSIGN contributes with dedicated solutions for:

Central and local administration


Defense and national security

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