and compliance

Our success also depends on our commitment to the highest standards of business integrity

Highest integrity and compliance standards

With certSIGN, to act in full integrity means more than to comply with the national and international laws and regulations. In all our business endeavors, we set and observe the quality of the provided solutions, as well as the highest integrity and compliance standards, as key elements of our business strategy.

We have developed and implemented a program to prevent, identify and resolve any suspicion that certSIGN’s integrity regulations have been broken. All certSIGN employees take part in this program and the company’s management encourages them to identify and report any possible violation of the company’s regulations.

Our reputation is critical to our business relationships and is a vital asset we are committed to protecting. Our credibility, as well as the trust of our clients, providers, partners and of the public opinion are significantly influenced by the company’s honest approach, as well as by the integrity of each of our employees. 

and compliance

certSIGN’s Code of business conduct and ethics sets the integrity expectations the company has towards its employees and the third parties that act on its behalf.

Anti-bribery and anti-corruption policy

certSIGN prohibits bribery in all forms, whether direct or indirect, no matter what the amount. certSIGN employees must act in accordance with the highest standards of integrity in all business transactions. Our integrity policies reflect the importance of individual accountability and integrity in all business transactions. Among these policies are the prohibition on making payments, offering gifts, granting sponsorships, and involving in charitable actions in order to gain a benefit for the company, establishing ethic relationships with all partners and suppliers, a rigorous zero-tolerance policy against any involvement in corruption-inducing actions etc.
certSIGN strives to achieve the highest standards of ethical behavior by fighting and countering bribery in all countries where it develops projects and is certified according to ISO 37001: 2016 (International Anti-Bribery Management System), which confirms the application of the highest standards of integrity.
certSIGN has successfully met the conditions for the recertification of the anti-bribery management system ISO 37001: 2016, whose main purpose is the prevention and management of all activities with a high risk of corruption – see here certificate.

Reporting integrity incidents

Any report on integrity matters and possible violations of laws and integrity policies must be sent to All reports are investigated accordingly and measures are taken in compliance with the national legislations and with the internal anti-corruption regulations.

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