Choose certSIGN SSL certificates for secure web browsing.

SSL certificate ?

One of the most important components of online transactions is creating a trustworthy environment in which potential customers feel safe to make transactions. Qualified certificates for SSL website authentication create a reliable foundation by establishing a secure connection.

What is the most important part of an SSL certificate? It is electronically signed by a trusted certification authority, such as certSIGN. Anyone can create a certificate, but browsers recognize only certificates that come from an organization on their list as trusted.

Our solutions

DV SSL Certificate
The DV (Domain Validation) SSL certificate encrypts a domain and validates only its right to use it. The minimum viable product for encrypting websites.
Personal websites, blogs
The fastest and easiest way to secure a website, by simply demonstrating control over the domain / URL.
60 Euros/year
OV SSL Certificate
The Organization Validation (OV) SSL certificate verifies ownership of the domain, the certification authority, the organization, and the person requesting the certificate.
Business, brand websites
A higher level of trust through additional measures to verify the identity of the organization that owns the domain / URL.
150 Euros/year
SSL OV Wildcard
OV Wildcard SSL Certificate
The OV Wildcard SSL certificate allows the security of several domains and subdomains, up to 250 characters for all secured domains, respectively subdomains.
Subdomains of the business website
The optimal solution for hosting or managing multiple sites or pages that exist (or will exist in the future) on the same domain.
350 Euros/year

In short

certSIGN SSL certificates are distinguished by the following:

True information

Ensures that the information displayed is true and the data transmitted to the server is protected.

Web browsers

They are recognized by 99% of web browsers (Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Firefox, etc.).

Data confidentiality

Ensures the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data traded, processed and stored, through the confidentiality and integrity of communications.

HTTPS channel

Ensures the use of an HTTPS secure channel by site visitors.

Site identity

Guarantees the identity of the accessed site.

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