Electronic signature with TOKEN

starting from 47 euros

* Price without VAT

Electronic signature with TOKEN

starting from 47 euros

* Price without VAT

Electronic signature in the CLOUD

starting from 39 euros

* Price without VAT
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Although we are best known for electronic signature services, our expertise covers areas such as security of organizations and work devices, archiving and digital identity.
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certSIGN, the main developer and provider of cryptographic solutions and trust services in Romania, provides solutions that enable the digital transformation of any organization.

Proprietary solutions

Our solutions are developed in Romania and tailored to meet all business needs, proving a high level of trust for all online transactions and activities.

Available for you

Through our own support department and the extensive network of partners, we assure you that our services are always available.


With over 15 years of experience on the Romanian market, our team consists of professionals for whom innovation and evolution are fundamental. Together, we develop advanced technologies that provide trust to your electronic transactions.

1,5 mil

qualified digital certificates for
electronic signature issued


countries where we have implemented solutions


national and international organizations trust our solutions.

and innovation

At certSIGN, we align the theoretical aspects of technology with the needs of society, through national and European research programs and, at the same time, through private investment programs.


Our research-based solutions are internationally patented and used successfully in wide-ranging projects.


certSIGN actively participates in several international and national R&D projects, financing or co-financing the development of new products, solutions, and technologies.

Scientific council

certSIGN’s Scientific council elaborates the company's research and innovation strategy and supervises all research activities.

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