Homomorphic encryption. certFHE

Discover certFHE – the homomorphic encryption solution developed by certSIGN that allows processing encrypted data without decrypting it.

Why our homomorphic encryption solution?

In recent years, cloud encrypted data storage has become a widely adopted business standard by companies and is an easy-to-access storage solution from anywhere. However, security breaches occur when it is necessary to access data for a simple search or for a broader analysis. Normally, in such situations the data is decrypted to perform the required search or analysis, thus creating the opportunity for information theft.

With the homomorphic encryption, the data remains encrypted and is protected at all times, and the element that allows it to remain confidential and secure, even if a third party uses it, is a mathematical system for analyzing and processing encrypted data.

We developed certFHE starting from the patent granted to certSIGN by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.


Our solution uses new and more secure encryption methods based on cryptographic algorithms, which do not require additional investment in IT infrastructure, and which reduce data processing time.


Homomorphic encryption can be successfully implemented in organizations, mainly in areas where the confidentiality of customers’ personal data is crucial – finances, banking health, insurance, etc.


Obtaining the patent took 4 years, involving a team of specialists in cryptography, PKI and cybersecurity and being the result of a continuous effort of investment and involvement in research activities in cryptography.

Discover certFHE!

I want to know how it works

Wiki community developed by the certSIGN Research and Innovation team, comprising syntheses with mathematical methods and homomorphic encryption algorithms.
Source code with examples and implementations in C ++, Java and Python.
Source code documentation.

I want to join the project

Researcher or specialist in homomorphic encryption? Or maybe a passionate student?

We are waiting for you to join our team, to understand and put into practice our encryption algorithms!

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Applications that use certFHE

certSIGN’s homomorphic encryption solution – an innovation in ensuring the protection of personal data – was used for the first time in the development of the “Coronavirus COVID-19 Romania” app, which monitors and centralizes the data on the spread of SARS-CoV-2 virus, at national level.

What is different? The application keeps users’ data private, guaranteeing through mathematical algorithms the impossibility of tracking their activity. Homomorphic encryption allows complete anonymization of data by processing information directly in encrypted form, without being accessed by the entity that processes it.

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