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data security?

As data is the most important asset of an organization, data security management should be a main concern. certSIGN solutions offer organizations a full range of data security by implementing standard mechanisms designed to support a comprehensive information protection strategy.

Data security

Data-centered security focuses on what must be secured and the appropriate data protection model, irrespective of where the data is located, if it is stored, used or in transit.

The defining feature of data-centered security is that the protection is applied to the data itself, through classification mechanisms, access control, secure encryption and, when necessary, secure deletion.

Our solutions


Security of data in transit

Trust4Mobile is a solution for mobile devices that ensures the security of voice and conference communications through encryption, being accredited for the protection of “RESTRICTED” classified information at national level and included in the ” INFOSEC National Catalogue of Protection Products and Profiles ” published by the National Security Agency (ORNISS).

Designed for secure communications between mobile devices, Trust4Mobile addresses the business environment from the perspective of providing a collaborative environment to employees, in order to increase efficiency, as well as in relation to business partners. The Trust4Mobile application has an intuitive interface and allows users to easily initiate calls, send encrypted messages and files, and initiate or participate in ad-hoc conferences. Trust4Mobile also has an administration interface through which users can be managed, groups or organizations can be created.

Available in Google Play and App Store and compatible with most devices (operating system versions), Trust4Mobile app uses 3G / 4G / 5G or WiFi mobile data service.


Security of data at rest, in use and in transit

shellSAFE is a complete suite of applications for the creation of electronic signatures and protection of information on desktop workstations. By using shellSAFE you are able to create one or more electronic signatures (co-signature / counter-signature), encrypt / decrypt documents for one or more recipients, automatically secure your correspondence, due to the integration with the e-mail client, delete files in a secured manner, check online the digital certificates’ status and use time stamp services.

shellSAFE allows easy connection and message sending to emailerSAFE, an e-mail service provided with authorized notification. shellSAFE‘s individual components guarantee you an optimal security for all the activities of information processing which you carry out.

shellSAFE is accredited for the protection of classified information at NATO and national level, being included in the NATO Catalogue (NIAPC – NATO Information Assurance Product Catalogue) and in INFOSEC National Catalog with packages, products and protection profiles published by the Romanian National Security Agency (ORNISS).

shellSAFE Verify

Security of data in use

shellSAFE Verify is a free utility software that can check your electronic signature and allows you to view electronically signed documents. It is used if you do not want to electronically sign the information, but you receive electronically signed data. The application can verify any type of electronic signature, regardless of the solution used to create it.

You cannot access electronically signed documents using shellSAFE Verify if:

  • the document is encrypted, because to decrypt files you need a digital certificate and software solutions to use it;
  • the document was tampered with – in this case you will be warned that the document has been compromised.


Security of data in use

emailerSAFE SE is a software product used to secure the electronic mail, whose read receipt is legally binding. emailerSAFE guarantees that an email has been sent by the sender and has been received by the recipient, a fact that cannot be denied afterwards.

The messages you exchange with your partners contain critically important information that could influence your business.

emailerSAFE has mechanisms for:

  • guaranteed safe identification of the sender and of the recipient based on a X.509v3 digital certificate;
  • guaranteed message integrity, authentication, non-repudiation and confidentiality;
  • sending and receipt proof of the time stamped messages in order to ascertain the moment the message was sent/received;
  • visualization, at all times, of the message status.

UEM (Unified Endpoint Management)

Security of data at rest, in use and in transit

Mobility in Romania is becoming more and more a trend of digital transformation of companies and the business environment. This phenomenon is achieved by changing the way employees work and the way they interact in order to perform daily activities. Mobility becomes thus one of the main priorities to increase efficiency and performance at the company level and, at the same time, it imposes the definition of new security standards regarding the protection of information.

certSIGN has developed over the last 6 years a series of partnerships with top manufacturers of Unified Endpoint Management solutions, that allow the centralized management of the entire fleet of devices, running on different operating systems, Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS.

certSIGN’s UEM solutions allow the implementation of security standards for data protection starting with:

  • the identity of the users who access and process the company’s data;
  • the integrity of the user’s mobile devices and the verification of the compliance level;
  • the authorization of applications through which data is exploited;
  • verification of the security level of WiFi network or mobile data infrastructures through which these mobile devices access the company’s resources;
  • providing automated detection and remediation mechanisms for potential attacks at the mobile operating system, application or connectivity levels.

The experience of certSIGN’s professional service team can ensure the implementation of the most varied business and security requirements, covering the entire life cycle of a mobile device from the moment of its removal from the box, IMEI-based configuration and automatic enrollment in UEM management platforms, installation and configuration of business applications, as well as their isolation from the personal data environment in order to implement BYOD programs.

certSIGN’s expertise ensures the provision of level 1, 2 and 3 support services for all marketed solutions, thus completing the range of professional services made available to Romanian companies.

Future developments


Security of data at rest and in use

Data protection throughout its lifespan has always been a major concern of ours. With certFHE research program, we aim to research and innovate algorithms specific to homomorphic cryptography meant to allow the processing of data in encrypted format, without the need to decrypt it in advance.

certSIGN obtained an invention patent for a homomorphic data encryption method that allows data to be processed without the need to decrypt it. The patent was granted by the Patent and Trademark Office of the United States of America and has the number US10454668 of October 22, 2019.

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