We help entrepreneurs and liberal professions with solutions for digital business – electronic signature, archiving and cybersecurity services.

Why the digital transformation of SMEs?

Regardless of size, field of activity or level of experience, digital transformation is a key advantage for all small and medium enterprises, enabling cost reduction, streamlining business by standardizing and automating business processes and reducing workforce dependence. In addition, digital transformation increases the competitiveness of SMEs and improves the relationship with partners and customers, providing a point of support even in times of socio-economic instability.

Solutions for digital businesses

How can SMEs benefit from all the advantages of digital transformation and what are the basic solutions that make the difference? From what principle should small and medium enterprises start in the process of digital transformation? The answer is extremely simple, considering that any business decision involves (at least) one document – giving up paper or, in other words, electronic processes and decisions from start to finish. From creation, signing, to transmission and archiving – all with information protection.


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