certSIGN kit for electronic seal – qualified certificate, qualified electronic seal creation device and clickSIGN application.

What is an
electronic seal?

The electronic seal is the new signature tool for legal persons. Thus, with the entry into force of eIDAS, an electronic seal is available for companies and private sector organizations, budget authorities and institutions.

The electronic seal certifies the legal value of a document issued by a legal person, and a qualified electronic seal guarantees the authenticity and integrity of a document issued by a legal person.

By using the electronic seal, a legal entity protects against the risk that a document issued by it is falsified / modified by someone else.

A qualified electronic seal based on a qualified certificate issued by a Member State is recognized as a qualified electronic seal in all other Member States.

Applications of the electronic seal

  • Bank statements and invoices;
  • Official notifications, legalizations, certifications;
  • Wage certificates for credit applications;
  • Offers and electronic documents;
  • Medical documentation.

Kit for electronic seal

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