Quick access to the most important information and resources regarding the operation of the device (token) and certSIGN qualified electronic signature certificate.

What information do we provide?

Thank you for choosing the certSIGN electronic signature! Regardless of the model of the qualified electronic signature creation device you have (Aladdin, Athena, SafeNet, Gemalto), from this support page you will be able to quickly access the most important information and resources regarding the operation of your token (installation, change PIN, unlock) and the actual use of the digital certificate.

Installing the device and changing the PIN code

Mandatory steps

Before enjoying all the benefits offered by your certSIGN electronic signature, it is necessary to install the device (token). We also recommend changing your PIN for security reasons.

And because both procedures differ depending on the model of the token held, respectively the operating system of the computer or laptop on which you will use the electronic signature, please choose the right option below.

Using the digital certificate for electronic signature

Use in clickSIGN application

With the clickSIGN application, included in the certSIGN electronic signature kit, you can sign any type of electronic document (Word, Excel, JPEG, etc.) extremely easily and with legal value. See below the steps to sign documents using this application developed by certSIGN.

Use in the platforms of state institutions

The qualified electronic signature is extremely useful and, in some situations, mandatory in relations with state institutions – at ANAF (online filing of tax returns in electronic form, access to the Virtual Private Space), CNAS (electronic network prescription, reporting), MFE ( electronic signing of the documentation necessary to obtain European funds through MySMIS), the State Treasury or the Administration of the Environmental Fund. More details on the use of the qualified digital certificate of electronic signature in the platforms of the state institutions can be found by accessing:

Unlocking the device

Additional Information

If you enter a certain number of incorrect PIN codes in succession – a number that differs depending on the model of the device you own – it will be blocked for security reasons. To unlock the token, we invite you to choose the appropriate option below.

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