Using the certificate for electronic signature at CNAS

Registration of the digital certificate at CNAS

In order to access the online services offered by CNAS (National Health Insurance House) using the digital certificate from certSIGN, follow the steps below:
2. Identify the CAS site in your county in the Web / Temporary Link column.
3. In the left menu of the CAS website, identify the Provider Information section and click on Medical Service Providers. Then select the Digital Certificate Registration Procedure.
4. Download, complete, sign and submit the application for registration of the certificate according to the procedure on the CAS website. The information required to complete the application – validity, serial number of the certificate and e-mail address in the certificate – as well as the digital certificate in printed form (requested by some CASs) can be found in the envelope received from certSIGN *:

*You can also get them online:

  • Access the certSIGN Certificate Register;
  • Fill in the fields Name, Surname and Result of the sum (without the e-mail address) and click on the Search button;
  • From the list of certificates, select the most recently issued Qualified / Operational Digital Certificate;
  • To print the certificate, click the Print Certificate button.

Using the digital certificate for the electronic prescription

To prescribe electronic prescriptions, doctors need a printer, a computer with a dedicated application installed that allows the creation of the prescription and the registration of data in the computer system for electronic prescription (SIPE) of CNAS, to which they can connect using a qualified digital certificate issued by an qualified trust service provider.

What is an electronic prescription?

Order 674/252/2012 on the approval of the electronic medical prescription form defines the electronic prescription as an electronic form used in the social health insurance system for prescribing medicines. It can be online or offline and has a prescription component (completed by the doctor) and a release component (completed by the pharmacist).

How does the electronic prescription work?

  1. The patient presents to the doctor;
  2. The doctor issues the prescription in electronic format and gives the patient a printed copy;
  3. The doctor records the prescription issued in the CNAS system (to which he connects using the qualified digital certificate and a specialized software);
  4. The patient goes with the printed prescription and the identity card to the pharmacy to pick up the medication;
  5. The pharmacist scans the 2D code from the prescription received from the patient and verifies the validity of the prescription (connecting with the qualified digital certificate to the electronic system of CNAS) and releases the medication.

Using the digital certificate for reporting to CNAS

In accordance with the Order of the National Health Insurance House (CNAS) no. 974 of 03.12.2010, starting with April 1, 2011, it is mandatory that the statements in relation to CNAS to be made in electronic format, using the electronic signature with legal value in Justice.

The creation of electronic signatures and access to the Single Integrated Information System (SIUI) are only allowed using a qualified digital certificate, issued by a qualified trust service provider certified according to eIDAS.

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