and innovation

Dozens of research and innovation projects developed and successfully implemented at national and European level.

Research and

In recent decades, the company has decided that it is mandatory to invest in research programs, discover new technologies and combine the current way in a manner that was not envisaged before. For private companies, the research process can generate revenue; for the end user, who is the real beneficiary, it will generate a better life and access to technology.

Here at certSIGN, we try to discover and align the theoretical aspects of technology with the society’s needs, through national and European research programs and, at the same time, through private investment programs. We believe that the research program should not be isolated or individual, but its tangible outcomes should be open and available worldwide. That is why we have always sought to collaborate with other academic or industrial entities and to expand our network with partners who share our beliefs.


Data protection throughout their lifespan has always been a major concern of ours. With certFHE research program started in 2014, we aimed to research and innovate algorithms specific to homomorphic cryptography meant to allow the processing of data in encrypted format, without the need to decrypt it in advance.


Research-based solutions are internationally patented and used successfully in a wide range of projects.


certSIGN is actively involved in several national and international R&D projects, by financing or co-financing the development of new products, solutions and technologies.

Scientific council

The Scientific council of certSIGN develops the research and innovation strategy of the company and supervises research activities.

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