Choose our physical and electronic archiving services, with legal value, offered by certSIGN as an authorized provider according to the national legislation.

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certARCHIVE by certSIGN offers complete services and solutions for the physical and electronic archiving of documents, which can be adapted to the requirements of each client, in compliance with all legal provisions. We are one of the most secure providers of physical and electronic archiving services and offer services such as: archival processing, digitization of documents, restoration, document storage, issuance of certificates, selection works, confidential destruction of information, processing and storage of electronic documents.
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Archival processing services
Archival processing services according to Law no. 16/1996 including: documents preparation for transport, transport to the certSIGN processing center, provision of materials necessary for the archival processing, archival processing and return to the beneficiary’s premises.
1.600 Euros
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Electronic archiving services
Electronic archiving services for product catalog, 250 Mb package, which includes: initial setup, uploading documents to the platform through a manual process, carried by the customer, access to the electronic archiving platform 24/7 to the uploaded documents.
30 – 50 Euros
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Document storage services
The package includes: providing the necessary boxes for storing the archive, sealing the boxes, transporting them to the certSIGN archive depository, initializing the archive boxes in the storage system, accessing boxes with documents from the archive, up to 5 boxes / month.
300 Euros

certSIGN Archiving. Documents stored securely with physical & electronic archiving

certSIGN document repository is distinguished by:

  • Storage capacity of over 400,000 boxes, about 150 linear km of archive;
  • Permanent monitoring of humidity and temperature;
  • Video monitoring system, 24/24 recording;
  • Access control system;
  • 24/24 security system;
  • Fire monitoring;
  • Authorization of storage and conservation services according to Law no. 16/1996 of the National Archives.

certSIGN offers through certARCHIVE complete outsourced solutions for document archiving and archive management solutions in electronic format, distinguished by:

  • Ensuring legal value of the archived documents, throughout the life cycle, guaranteeing authenticity, integrity and confidentiality;
  • Facilitating access to archived documents anytime, from anywhere, exclusively to persons authorized by the company;
  • Main and backup data center in Romania, according to the legislation of the national archives;
  • Authorization according to Law no. 135/2007 regarding the archiving of documents in electronic format;
  • Archiving and document management system with multiple benefits – document versioning, warning about duplicates, optimal management of documents and daily activities, integrations with third party systems for information centralization, differentiated access rights per user and roles in the organization, automatic processing, document security.

The hybrid archive system consists of developing and implementing a solution for organizing and processing the historical archive, digitizing documents, and implementing a software solution for the issuance and management of all newly created documents, directly in electronic format, using the qualified electronic signature.

The hybrid archive system helps companies reduce the costs and risks associated with documents, as well as streamline the management, storage and protection of documents in physical or electronic format.

of electronic archiving

With the help of qualified electronic signature and the electronic archiving of documents thus signed, you can enjoy a 100% digital business in two simple steps. In addition, electronic archiving also involves:

Legal value

of archived documents, throughout the life cycle, guaranteeing authenticity, integrity and confidentiality.

Fast & easy access

to archived documents anytime, from anywhere, exclusively to persons authorized by the company.

Cost reduction

electronic archiving with legal value implying a 67% reduction in costs compared to physical archiving.

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