Security management
CSIRT services

To answer the questions “What do we protect?”, “How vulnerable are we?”, “What should we do?”, “How do we protect ourselves?”, we provide security management services.

What do security management CSIRT services imply?

Our security management services, subsidiary to CSIRT services, include:

  • Technical evaluation of the cyber security level through assessment of the technical architecture and of the implemented protection measures, penetration tests, vulnerability scanning (scanning vulnerabilities at host level, scanning vulnerabilities at network level, interpreting scan results and mediation proposals);
  • Support for the implementation of cyber security measures within IT&C architectures;
  • Training services in the field of IT security and cyber security;
  • Awareness of the cybersecurity needs (cyber awareness).

NIS Directive & Law 362/2018 White Paper

certSIGN offers an extensive range of services that cover the information and system security requirements in compliance with the Law no. 362/2018 that translates the NIS Directive.

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