Electronically signing a PDF document without a signature field

Acrobat Reader DC

1. Open the PDF document in Acrobat Reader DC and click Tools.
2. From the list of tools, choose Certificates.
3. Click Digitally sign.
4. In the window that appears, click the OK button.
5. Drag a border (rectangle) to the area of the document where you want the electronic signature to appear (by holding down the left mouse button and releasing it when the border is the size you want).
6. From the Sign with a Digital ID window, select the Windows Digital ID certificate and click the Continue button.
7. In the next window, click the Sign button.
8. In the next window, choose the location where the signed document will be saved and click the Save button.
9. Enter the token PIN in the window that appears on the screen and click the OK button. The electronic signature will appear where you drew the border.
Tutorial video

Acrobat Reader XI

1. Using Adobe Reader XI, open the document you want to sign electronically.
2. Fill in the data in the document and click on the Fill & Sign button.
3. Click Place Signature, select the Use a certificate option and click the Next button.
4. In the next window, click Drag New Signature Rectangle….
5. Draw a rectangle where you want to apply the signature. Select your digital certificate and click the Sign button.
NOTE: If you have multiple certificates, click the arrow to the right of the name and select the certificate you want to use to sign the document. Make sure that certSIGN Qualified CA Class 3 G2 appears in the Issued by field.
6. In the next window, you will have to save the document and enter the certificate PIN.
7. After entering the PIN, the electronic signature will appear in the signature field.

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