Using the certificate for electronic signature at ANAF

Submission of online tax returns and access to SPV

The qualified digital certificate for electronic signature issued by certSIGN, qualified trust service provider accredited according to the requirements of the eIDAS regulation, offers access to all online services offered by the National Agency for Fiscal Administration (ANAF).

With a single digital certificate from certSIGN you will be able to:

  • submit tax returns online for an unlimited number of companies;
  • check online the status of the submitted statements;
  • access the Virtual Private Space (SPV);
  • electronically sign, with legal value, any electronic document.

When you do not use it at ANAF, you can use it to give legal value to any type of electronic document (contracts, invoices, bank documents, SEAP documentation, applications, reports, etc.), in relation to business partners and the most important institutions from Romania.

Getting the confirmation document

In order to file tax returns online in electronic form or access the SPV, you must first obtain the confirmation document, following these steps:

  • Access and authenticate with the certificate issued by certSIGN;
  • Download and electronically sign the confirmation document, following the instructions available on or here.
  • After obtaining the processed confirmation document (electronically signed by you and certSIGN), you can use it for registration in order to further fill tax returns or access the Virtual Private Space.

1. Go to and load the processed confirmation document by clicking on the Browse / Choose file button.

2. Fill in the fields in the Introducere date de identificare (Enter identification data) with the taxpayer’s (economic agent) for whom you will submit tax returns.

3. Click on OBȚINERE FORMULAR 150 (GET 150 FORM).

4. The form (Formularul 150 – Cerere pentru utilizarea unui certificat digital calificat / 150 Form – Request for the use of a qualified digital certificate) will be desplayed. Click on Tipărește cererea (Print the request).

  • Important: If you wish to submit tax returns for more taxpayers, click on Continuați cu înregistrarea unui alt CUI (Continue registering another CUI) and resume with steps 2-4.

5. Present the following documents to any fiscal unit (for each taxpayer you wish to submit tax returns for):

  • Form 150 hand signed and stamped by the taxpayer for whom you will submit tax returns;
  • Your* ID document, in original and a copy;
  • The document, in original and a copy, attesting to your quality * of the legal representative of the taxpayer for which you will file tax returns (this document may be the GMS decision or the Company’s Statute) OR a notarized authentication** attesting your* right to sign tax returns for the taxpayer;

6. ANAF will check the documents and will confirm to you at the e-mail address in the 150 Form the right to use the “Submitting online statements” service within 4-7 working days after the submission of these documents.
*You = the digital certificate holder
** Required if you do not act as legal representative of the taxpayer.

1. Access and load the processed confirmation document by clicking on the Browse / Choose file button.

2. Click on the Transmite document (Send document) button.

3. ANAF will notify you by e-mail that the serial number of the new certificate was introduced in their data base.

Through the Virtual Private Space (SPV) service you can find out about the tax obligations you have not paid, you can download tax decisions starting with 2013, you can check how the employer declares social security contributions, etc.

The confirmation document countersigned by certSIGN can also be used for access to the SPV, on the Registration / Enrollment of individuals and legal entities in the Virtual Private Space.


Electronically signing the confirmation document
Reducing the size of the confirmation document
Saving the confirmation document

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