certSIGN’s scientific council realizes the company's research and innovation strategy and supervises the research activities. The scientific council has concerns about:

 collaboration with the academic environment and other research institutions;

• achieving the technological transfer, from the research area to products;

 identifying modalities of supporting the research activity.


The Council is formed of the following members:

George Gugulea, Director of Research and Innovation

A graduate in Computer Science and a graduate of a Master's Degree in Information Security Management, George Gugulea is the director of certSIGN's Research and Innovation Department. He has over 10 years' experience in research and development in the field of information security and in the development and implementation of applied cryptography projects and network security protocols.

Mihai Togan, Prof. Dr. Ing.

Mihai Togan holds a PhD in cryptography, his fields of interest including electronic signature, homomorphic encryption, applied cryptography and PKI interoperability. He is the author of more than 20 articles published at conferences and in international magazines. He has designed and implemented software applications for data encryption, PKI services, digital certificate validation services, time stamping services, etc.

Valentin Necoară, Chief Technology Officer 

Valentin Necoară has a BSc in Computer Science and a MSc in Information Security Management. He has been involved in the development and implementation of IT security solutions (signature, encryption, PKI, IdAM) of certSIGN from the beginning, working in the R&D team and afterwards coordinating the integration and implementation of certSIGN’s security solutions. He is part of the core team that developed the first cryptographic applications in Romania using public key cryptography.

Adrian Floarea, General Manager

Adrian FLOAREA, PhD, graduated Mathematics and holding a PhD in cryptographic algorithms is a strong supporter of the Research & Innovation activity in the IT Identity and Security Field, with applied and innovative approaches of the projects he involves in. He is the CEO of certSIGN and he backs up the project team, providing advices based on his extensive experience. With more than 18 years of technical experience in this industry field and over 10 years of management experience, Mr. Floarea has an innovative vision and a comprehensive approach regarding the means of strengthening the company's activities, but also regarding the new development directions imposed by the evolution of the market and the new technological challenges.

Constantin Burdun, Deputy General Manager

Constantin Burdun is the Deputy General Manager of certSIGN, having a PhD in Computer Science (with the theme "Contributions regarding the security of messages on the Internet"). His fields of interests include advanced electronic signature schemes, trusted third parties, electronic signature aspects related to PKI interoperability, respectively legal.