Remote electronic signature integrated with Adobe Acrobat Sign

Sign any document with legal value, with certSIGN’s remote qualified electronic signature service integrated into the Adobe Acrobat Sign platform

From Paperless to Adobe Acrobat Sign

Electronically sign with legal value any document anywhere, anytime and on any device, now with certSIGN’s remote qualified electronic signature service integrated into the Adobe Acrobat Sign platform. Without any special drivers or software to install, Acrobat Sign users can sign directly from the app using a digital certificate issued by certSIGN. The certificate can be obtained through online video identification audited as equivalent to physical presence, according to the eIDAS Regulation.

At the heart of the integration of certSIGN’s Paperless remote qualified electronic signature service into Acrobat Sign is the standard developed by the Cloud Signature Consortium, which promotes the interaction between electronic document signature applications and eIDAS-compliant remote electronic signature services offered by trusted service providers.

How do you sign?

Already have an Acrobat Sign account and want to quickly sign a document with your business partners, using your Paperless remote qualified electronic signature certificate? All you have to do is follow these 5 steps.

Step 1

Log into your Adobe Acrobat Sign account and create a signing flow.

Step 2

Enter the e-mail addresses of the signatories and upload the document.

Step 3

Mark the location of each required digital signature in the document.

Step 4

Apply the signature by logging into your Paperless account and entering the unique OTP code.

Step 5

At the end of the flow, download the document with all the signatures with legal value.

Want to use Acrobat Sign with certSIGN’s qualified certificates for remote electronic signature?


Cover LP Guerrilla valoare legala
Legal value
Remote qualified electronic signature certified as QSCD, legally equivalent to a handwritten signature, according to the eIDAS Regulation.
100% Online experience
Get your digital certificate fully online through video identification and launch a document signing flow with multiple signatories in just one platform.
Mobility and Flexibility
Use it from any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC), anywhere, anytime, without installing drivers or special software applications.
Cover pachet digitalizare IMM
Business versatility
Efficiency of business processes, regardless of the field of activity: financial-banking, retail, medical and pharmaceutical, liberal professions, utilities, construction, IT&C, public administration.
Compliance and Security
The integration of the Paperless solution with Adobe Acrobat Sign complies with the international Cloud Signature Consortium (CSC) standard, offering the guarantee of compliance and security of signing processes.

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