It is a complete suite of applications for electronic signatures creation and data protection.

By using shellSAFE you are able to:
  • create one or more electronic signatures (co-signature / counter-signature);
  • encrypt / decrypt documents for one or more recipients; - automatically secure your correspondence, due to the integration with the e-mail client;
  • cancel files in a secured manner;
  • check on-line the digital certificates’ status;
  • use time stamp services.
shellSAFE issued by UTI allows easy connection and message sending to emailerSAFE®, an e-mail service provided with authorized notification.

The shellSAFE individual components guarantee you an optimal security for all the activities of information processing which you carry out:
clickSIGN® .
Application for the individual documents electronic signing and encrypting, time stamps adding, checking of the electronic signatures and the integrity of the documents received.

This solution may be integrated in the e-mail client, Microsoft Office and Windows Explorer, aiming at offering the maximal security, regardless of the documents storing place.

sendSAFE® .
Application for electronic signing e-mails and encrypting for one or more recipients, simultaneously. Using sendSAFE® you are certain that your sent messages can be read only by the addressee. Likewise, you can implement communication flows through e-mail, using the option of messages multiple signing.

diskSAFE® .
Application for the automated encryption of documents stored on the work station. diskSAFE® creates a virtual partition and all information which you save on this partition are automated encrypted with your digital certificate. In order to protect transitory documents, the individual encryption clickSIGN® is recommended.

shredSAFE® .
Application for secure information deletion. Aiming to prevent the recovery of a file deleted in the operation system, shredSAFE® rewrites several times the file content with random information. Consecutive to this process, any trace of the confidential documents which had to be destroyed, shall be eliminated from the system.

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