Hybrid archive.

The hybrid archive system consists of developing and implementing a solution for organizing and processing the historical archive, digitizing documents, and implementing a software solution for the issuance and management of all newly created documents, directly in electronic format, using the qualified electronic signature.

The hybrid archive system helps companies reduce the costs and risks associated with documents, as well as streamline the management, storage and protection of documents in physical or electronic format.


Hybrid archive


We offer complete solutions for the physical and electronic archiving of documents,  with legal value.

Our solutions allow you to protect and optimize your information, and destroy documents you no longer need. Our services and solutions can be tailored to the needs of each customer, respecting all legal requirements.

Knowledge and expertise to meet security standards make us one of the safest providers of physical and digital archiving services for:

  • Storing and managing documents
  • Processing and storing electronic documents
  • Confidential Destruction of Information
  • Electronic archiving,
  • Digitizing documents


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