Work from home. Mobile office. Teleworking. Remote work. It means the same thing: you work from home (or wherever you want) and do everything you did at the office.


In order to make your work from home 100% efficient as in the office, there are a number of requirements / resources that you will need. Basic requirements include laptop / smartphone, headset (recommended) and an internet connection.

In terms of communication and collaboration with colleagues, respectively accessing the organization's resources, a videoconference solution is required for meetings, for collaborative work - cloud document sharing, organization network connection (VPN), access to internal file servers and e-mail as an alternative must be considered - and data protection on workstations is ensured by encrypted disks for saving information.

Last but not least, the finalization of the decisions is made using the qualified electronic signature based on a qualified certificate. If you have already checked some of these "points", you can rely on us for the rest of the necessary solutions!

How certSIGN supports work from home?

1. Implement it internally. See HERE how we organized work from home in an exceptional situation.

2. Consultancy for accessing the organization's resources. Don't know how to set up your firewall or need a VPN connection? Want to have your data protected on your laptop? We can help you.

3. Replace the hand signature with the electronic signature. You really have no reason to sign on paper.

certWORK. certSIGN work from home kit


We live in times when technology allows any company, whether we are talking about a big one or a start-up, to carry on their business remotely, in a perfectly legal and secure environment. Mobility is the key word.

The certWORK concept developed by certSIGN on the idea of mobility and working remote, comes with the solution to be able to work safely from anywhere. In short - Secure Mobile Digital Workplace.

Basically, all the tools necessary for work and business processes are reconstructed (replicated) remote, offering:

• mobility;

• data and communications security;

• compliance with the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR);

• ENISA certification.


certWORK includes solutions that address the main business needs, companies having the possibility to opt for the entire package or those tools considered necessary:


• Meeting organizing: video conference solution

• Collaborative work: Document Management solution / document sharing solution (implemented in the organization or in the cloud)

• Connection  to the organization's network (VPN)

• Access to internal file servers (if applicable)

• Data protection on workstations: use of encrypted partitions (diskSAFE)

• Solution for mobile device management

2. FINALIZATION OF DECISIONS: qualified certificate for electronic signature

3. LONG-TERM DOCUMENT KEEPING: electronic archiving




Episode 1. Work from home solutions, like in the office


Episode 2. Electronic signature of documents, from home


Episode 3. Work data encryption



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