certSIGN qualified electronic signature, integrated with the Matricia solution

Any business agreement is officially concluded by signing a document, and the applied signature must have legal value.

More and more private companies, but also state institutions, have adopted tools that allow the transformation of document flows from physical to digital.

The advantages of adopting the qualified electronic signature are primarily the legal value of the documents, the speed with which the signing process is completed (facilitating the signing between several signatories located in different cities of the country) and the reduced costs with consumables such as paper and printer ink.

In the case of HR documents, we can have a completely digital employee file, using certSIGN qualified electronic signature integrated into the OnBase by Highland app provided by our partners at Matricia, where each employee has his own Digital Desk, where he or she can see the tasks in progress,  created or that need to betracked. In the Digital Drawer, the employee can access the organization’s documents and data.

After the documents are viewed and reviewed by the people from the departments involved, the “Sign Electronically” button can be clicked. At that moment the flowSIGN by certSIGN remote electronic signature solution intervenes by creating signature flows between several signatories, at the end of which each has the document signed electronically with a qualified electronic signature.

Once signed, the document can be sent back to the OnBase by Highland application and saved to the company’s electronic file. In addition, electronically signed documents can be legally archived, by simply pressing a button, certSIGN being also an authorized supplier for electronic, physical and retro-digital archiving.

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