With certSIGN Paperless solution you can remotely electronically sign any document, with legal value, without a token and without installing special drivers, from any device (including smartphone or tablet), anywhere and anytime. In addition, the QSCD certification in accordance with the eIDAS Regulation obtained by certSIGN guarantees the secure processing / storage of data and a high degree of protection against cyber attacks.



European Regulation no. 910/2014 (eIDAS) introduces the possibility to sign legally binding documents remotely. Our eIDAS-compliant remote signing service securely stores our clients' digital certificates on certSIGN’s servers. This means that, to generate a legally binding electronic signature, no token or special drivers are required. 

No token required

No token required

No special drivers required

No special drivers required

Simpler key management

From any device

High level of security

High level of security

Flexible acquisition options

QSCD certification

Low costs

Low costs



With the help of the Paperless solution - QSCD (Qualified Signature Creation Device) accredited product in accordance with the eIDAS Regulation no. 910/2014 - you can create and verify remote electronic signatures, the documents thus signed being also time stamped.

Unlike the "classic" electronic signature, with token, certSIGN remote electronic signature is distinguished by its much easier use, without the need to install drivers or connect the USB token and there are no restrictions on mobility and accessibility regarding the devices used (signing can be done on tablets and smartphones).

The product allows the application of qualified signatures with personal certificates and the application of electronic seals issued for legal persons. And for better security, the authentication and authorization processes for remote signing are done through a 2-factor authentication mechanism.

Also, the creation and verification of signatures applied to a document are done regardless of the file format - PDF documents with signature included in the file structure or any type of document (PKCS7 signature).


Paperless webSIGN is a web application that allows multiple documents to be uploaded, remotely signed with legal value and downloaded. The solution is distinguished by the high degree of security, given by two-factor authorization - password required at the time of authentication and unique OTP (one time password) requested at the time of signing the documents, transmitted by SMS or generated by an Authenticator type application.

The downloaded documents can then be sent by email to the other electronic signatories and archives, thus having a 100% digital processing flow.

Also, by securely storing digital certificates in certSIGN’s infrastructure and performing all cryptographic operations on our servers, both an additional level of security and ease of use are ensured. In addition, Paperless webSIGN allows remote signing of documents from any device (desktop, laptop, mobile) being a web platform accessible from browsers.



certSIGN Paperless remote electronic signature and remote electronic seal system is certified as Qualified Signature and Seal Creation Device (QSCD) according to eIDAS Regulation no. 910/2014, following the successful completion of the audit conducted by the Secure Information Technology Center in Austria. certSIGN is the first company in Romania and one of the few at European level to provide QSCD certified remote electronic signature.

Any document can be electronically signed remotely, with legal value, without a token, without the installation of special drivers, from any device (including smartphone or tablet), anywhere and anytime. And by QSCD certification it guarantees the safe processing / storage of data and a high degree of protection against cyber attacks. 


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