certSIGN makes it easier to get the confirmation document for ANAF – from 48 hours to a few minutes

certSIGN, the most innovative qualified trust services provider in Romania, has launched confirmare.certsign.ro, a web application that fundamentally simplifies the confirmation submission process, thus offering a much improved experience to its customers.

The confirmare.certsign.ro application is a premiere on the Romanian digital certificates market, being the first of its kind launched by a certificate provider to simplify the registration of the digital certificate in ANAF's IT system.

The application can be used by accessing confirmare.certsign.ro and authenticating with the qualified digital certificate issued by certSIGN. For the best experience, certSIGN recommends accessing the service using either Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.

The application allows certSIGN's customers to obtain the pre-filled confirmation document with the appropriate data, thus eliminating situations where customers fill it incorrectly.

The pre-filled document is electronically signed and uploaded back into the application for certSIGN to process. The actual processing time is communicated to the client by the application itself.

After being processed, the document can be downloaded from the same page (confirmare.certsign.ro) and needs to be uploaded to the ANAF website in the appropriate section.

According to the procedures of the National Agency for Fiscal Administration, each qualified digital certificate (new or renewed) must be registered in the electronic system of ANAF by uploading the confirmation document into the portal and, if necessary, by submitting additional documents to the counter.

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