Submitting tax returns online

Submitting tax returns online

The qualified digital certificate issued by certSIGN, a qualified trust service provider eIDAS compliant, provides access to all online services made available by the National Agency for Tax Administration.

With a single digital certificate from certSIGN you will be able to:

  • Submit online tax returns for an unlimited number of companies;
  • Check online the status of tax returns;
  • Access the taxpayer’s tax file;
  • Electronically sign, with legal value, any electronic document.

What are the tax returns you can submit online?

For example, we list the tax returns that can be filed online, noting that the tendency of ANAF is to simplify the relationship with taxpayers, and the list of online returns is very likely to increase.

  • Declaration 100 – on payment obligations to the state budget
  • Declaration 101 – on income tax
  • Declaration 110– regularization statement / request for refund on income tax withheld at source
  • Declaration 112 – on payment obligations of social security contributions, income tax and nominal records of insured persons
  • Declaration 120 – excise duty statement
  • Declaration 300 – value added tax return
  • Declaration 301 – special VAT return
  • Declaration 307 – on amounts resulting from VAT adjustment
  • Declaration 311 on the VAT levied by taxable persons whose VAT registration code has been cancelled
  • Declaration 390 VIES – recapitulative statement on intra-Community supplies / acquisitions / supplies of goods

When you do not use it at ANAF, you can use it to assign legal value to any type of electronic document (contracts, invoices, bank documents, SEAP documentation, applications, reports, etc.), in relation to business partners and the most important institutions from Romania.

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