certME. Enroll new customers quickly, 100% online, without forms or visits to the counter

certME is the first verified digital identity solution, based on cryptography and blockchain technology, with a substantial level of assurance according to eIDAS Regulation no. 910/2014. Developed 100% in Romania by the certSIGN team, certME allows users to perform digital enrollments with service providers, offering the business environment a leading solution for identity management in a decentralized and secure way. With the help of this technology, organizations can offer their services online securely, minimizing efforts to verify the identity of customers.

For whom?

certME can be integrated by any type of service provider:

  • Public institutions
  • Banks & IFNs
  • Telecomunications
  • Utilities
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Online trade

For what?

  • interaction with online services
  • creating a user account based on encrypted personal data stored on the user’s device
  • eliminating repeated and redundant identity checks for customer verification (KYC)
  • issuing qualified certificates for electronic signature
  • authentication to public/private online systems and services with an increased degree of security
  • alternative to SingleSignOn
  • confirming or authorizing operations
  • updating personal data
  • secure access to confidential company information


Compliance with legal requirements = Digital identities with a substantial level of assurance according to the eIDAS Regulation, in compliance with GDPR provisions and KYC procedures.

100% online processes = Services accessible by your customers from anywhere, anytime, directly from their phone through the certME app, by simply scanning a QR code for registration and authentication.

Self-sovereign identity = The user is in control of his own identification data, existing only in the mobile application on his personal mobile device, with access granted only by him.

Data security = Ensured by a private key, non-exportable, impossible to copy, clone or remove from the mobile device, inextricably linked to fingerprint / facial identification with depth perception.

Confidentiality and traceability = Ensured by the blockchain protocol patented at european level by the European Patent Office, a certSIGN proprietary technology.

Sustainability = Reducing the carbon footprint through video checks (eliminating physical trips to the counter, reducing the number of locations open for interactions with the public, etc.) and the reusability of the data resulting from a video verification by multiple service providers.

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