certSIGN develops the electronic space signature

After the electronic signature on token and the one in the cloud, the technological advance allows the development of a new solution – qualified electronic space signature. The certSIGN research-innovation team is working on this solution that brings obvious benefits:

  • the cryptographic keys are under the strict control of the signatory, but are stored in space, eliminating the risks of keeping them in data centers that may be affected by calamities (earthquakes, floods, etc.);
  • the same legal value as in the case of signatures on token or in the cloud , as defined by eIDAS Regulation no. 910/2014;
  • digitization of space-Earth interactions in the case of communications between people on Earth and those traveling in orbit in professional or recreational interest;
  • transmission of electronically signed documents from literally ANYWHERE (employment documents, leave requests, contracts, additional documents, submission of fiscal documents to ANAF);
  • secure access to the qualified certificate for space signature by authorization with 2 factors – username / password and unique OTP code transmitted from orbit directly on the personal mobile phone;
  • the same identification methods for obtaining the signature – face to face or video identification (of terrestrial or extraterrestrial life forms, with the guarantee of a trust identity – the link between digital and real identity).

Of course, there is a personal benefit – on any clear evening you can see the sky and show your loved ones where your qualified certificate used for electronic signing is.

The space signature solution, developed by certSIGN, is based on a complex architecture that allows the issuance of qualified certificates for electronic signature , respectively their use, ensuring optimal downlink and uplink times of data in the interstellar environment (ISM-Interstellar medium), between the company’s headquarters and spaceships, colonies after terraforming other planets, etc.

Earth date: April 1, 2021

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