certSIGN patents in US a homomorphic encryption method that increases the security of cloud-stored data

certSIGN has patented a data encryption technology that enables the processing of encrypted data without decrypting it. The patent has been granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office under no. US10454668 of October 22, 2019. 

Unlike the classic encryption where the encrypted data that must be processed is firstly decrypted, then analyzed and processed and finally, re-encrypted, creating security breaches in the process, in the case of homomorphic encryption the data remains encrypted during the processing. 
Over the last years, storing encrypted data in cloud has become a business standard largely adopted by companies as it represents a safe storing solution. However, security breaches may appear when someone needs to access the data for a simple search or for a more comprehensive analysis. Normally, in such situations, the data is decrypted to perform the analysis thus creating an opportunity for identity thefts. In the case of homomorphic encryption, the data remains encrypted and protected at any time thanks to a mathematical system used for the analysis and processing of encrypted data. 

Unlike other homomorphic encryption solutions available on the market, certSIGN's solution uses newer and more secure encryption methods based on cryptographic algorithms, that do not need an addition investment in IT infrastructure and reduce the time for data processing. 
Thus, the homomorphic encryption is the only solution that provides complete protection for sensitive data and can be successfully used by organizations, especially in domains where the confidentiality of the clients' personal data is crucial, such as banking, health, insurance etc. 

The patenting process has lasted for 4 years and represent the endeavors of a researchers teams specialized in PKI, cryptography and cybersecurity, as well as the result of certSIGN's constant investments and commitment to research-intensive activities.  

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