Constantin Burdun (Deputy CEO certSIGN) at Cybersecurity Online Forum 2021. Cybersecurity, after a year of pandemic

Invited to the Cybersecurity Online Forum 2021 event, organized by Financial Intelligence, Constantin Burdun (Deputy CEO certSIGN) addressed multiple topics of interest in the area of cybersecurity, highlighting both the latest solutions and projects developed by certSIGN and other relevant issues concerning the public and private sectors.

Here are the topics covered by our colleague – more details can be found in the video below or in this article.

Research and Development. certSIGN has patented a homomorphic encryption algorithm in the USA. It has been used successfully in developing an application to monitor and control the spread of COVID 19. “It is known that quite a few solutions have been developed and many countries already have them at operational level, and officially at national level. We had only these initiatives in the research area, certSIGN was the winner of such a grant and we implemented such a solution on the privacy side of users’ personal data – a critical issue, that of not knowing anything about who is infected, but only who needs to know.”, pointed out Costantin Burdun.

Security of ​​online transactions. An important problem in this area is the identity theft, with an emphasis here on verifying electronic identity both in the case of service providers (through web authentication certificates that guarantee the legitimacy of accessed websites) and in the case of users (through means of substantial electronic identification obtained by physical or video identification, equivalent to physical presence). An important aspect to note here is the need to regulate the means of electronic identification at national level.

Cyber​​security services market. There is still a difficult evolution here, requiring a complete legal framework. “Law 362 [n.a. transposing the NIS Directive] and the secondary legislative framework should be accelerated in order to complete and operationalize the relationship between essential service providers, digital service providers and cybersecurity service providers.”, said the Deputy Director of certSIGN.

Outsourced cybersecurity services for companies. Regarding PNRR (National Recovery and Resilience Plan), Constantin Burdun considers that it could provide funding mechanisms for most small and medium-sized companies to learn to work with outsourced services in the area of ​​cybersecurity, an idea being the cybersecurity voucher, through which these companies can discount such services for a period of 1-3 years.

Cyber ​​education. Another extremely important topic discussed is the cyber hygiene campaign Cyber4Kids, which consists of a series of animated videos for children and parents. It is a campaign conceived, developed and promoted by certSIGN that aims to raise awareness of the importance of a correct understanding of the dangers of surfing the Internet and to adopt rules that help both parents and children to avoid cyber attacks.

Moreover, our company has been involved in the development of future cybersecurity specialists, continuing a tradition of several years – certSIGN is involved with ANSSI, CERT-RO and Cyberint in preparing teams for national and European cyber security competitions.

At the Cybersecurity Online Forum 2021 event, attended by government and private experts, there were discussed topics such as: New cybersecurity challenges following the COVID 19 pandemic, Cyberintelligence – vulnerabilities, risks and threats, European Cyber ​​Security Center in Bucharest – opportunities for Romania, Cybersecurity in online transactions, Research-Development in cybersecurity, Financing digitization through PNRR, etc.

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