Cyberthreats & Cybersecurity Day 2022: How is Romania preparing for cyber attacks?

On Wednesday, October 12, CYBERTHREATS & CYBERSECURITY DAY 2022 took place, the most important cyber security event organized by certSIGN in partnership with the Romanian Banking Institute. The event is included in the ENISA program (European Union Agency for Cyber Security), being part of the international profile events organized on the occasion of the European Cyber Security Month (ECSM).

Both the 130 participants at the IBR headquarters, as well as those who watched the conference live, learned what measures are to be taken at the national level to limit and prevent cyber attacks, what tools exist at the moment to prevent such incidents, as well as what are the investments at European level that will generate new jobs and opportunities for development and training for those in the field of cyber security and IT.

This year’s edition of Cyberthreats & Cybersecurity Day, which took place in physical format at the headquarters of the Romanian Banking Institute, brought together important names from the institutional area, but also from the private one. Representatives of: the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitization, Cyberint Center SRI, BNR, the Romanian Association for Information Security Assurance (ARASEC), the National Directorate for Cyber Security (DNSC), the Romanian Association of Banks were present. The second panel brought together specialists from the private sector, representatives of certSIGN, Docentris, Forescout, Palo Alto Network and Samsung.

The audience in the hall and those who watched the live event were presented with the most up-to-date topics regarding the situation of cyber attacks that our country has encountered in the last year, what were the measures to combat them and what tools exist for their prevention.

The recording of the event can be watched on certSIGN’s Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube social media channels.

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