Forging a Digital Tomorrow: ESD members safeguard Europe’s citizens

The European Signature Dialog (ESD), comprising CEOs from leading European Trust Service Providers, concluded on November 14 its 7th Flagship meeting hosted by Romania´s certSIGN. Dedicated to upholding Europe’s stringent data protection laws and safeguarding its citizens, ESD serves as a dynamic think-tank forging security alliances for a trusted digital future.

At the annual Flagship meeting held in Bucharest, ESD strengthened its collective stance on digital authentication and identities. As the preferred point of contact for European trust matters for the EU Commission, the EU Parliament and the Council, ESD is committed to developing consistent strategies in Europe adhering to top EU standards. Its members, experienced industry experts, enable and facilitate secure digital interactions across the continent and ensure that regulations find their implementation in the market.

Empowering Europe

The global COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the urgency for robust digital solutions. ESD plays a pivotal role in creating a sustainable digital society, bolstering Europe’s digital sovereignty, and setting high global standards. Michael Butz, Chairman of ESD, emphasized, „In Europe we benefit from excellent legislation in the digital environment. It is crucial to maintain and enhance this excellence. Non-European entities must not compromise our stringent data protection guidelines in order to keep the consumer´s data safe. Ultimately, the data belongs exclusively to the user.“

Adrian Floarea, CEO at certSIGN and host of ESD´s Flagship meeting, highlighted, „Nowadays, most of our interactions, be it personal or professional, unfold in the digital realm. Making sure that they are secure, based on reliable digital identities and use trust services harmonised across member states, is paramount to maintain the vitality and reliability of the Digital Single Market and also of great interest for regulatory bodies, authorities and industry experts.“

During the Flagship meeting, ESD engaged in high-level discussions in the implementation of EU ID Wallets & Large-Scale Pilots, the evolution of the digital signature market, and ongoing implementing acts. The event also delved into a dialog with Detecting Financial Crime Design Experts and illuminated future trends shaping the European eID and Trust Services market.

ESD´s vision: Strengthening eIDAS 2

ESD´s mission is to enhance the potency of the eIDAS Regulation, establishing a unified foundation for secure electronic interactions and a harmonized framework for recognized services across Europe. ESD experts have consistently supported the trilogue discussions on the eIDAS Regulation, emphasizing the need for the internet’s highest security standards. The recent trilogue compromise, especially Article 45 on Qualified Web Authentication Certificates (QWACs), aligns with ESD´s objective of empowering Europe’s digital sovereignty while ensuring citizens protection. Article 45 enables users to identify verified entities behind websites, fostering transparency and security.

„We help to provide a secure foundation, ensuring that the digital tomorrow can continue to thrive“, ESD´s Chairman Butz closed.

About ESD

ESD aims to connect major European Trust Service Providers to share best practices, develop a common industry viewpoint on regulatory issues and empower European solutions for guaranteed data-security. Together with their partners ESD enables large numbers of secure authentication as well as trusted digital identities across the entire continent on a daily basis – for people, for businesses, for public entities. Closely interacting with EU authorities, ESD is building a an important bridge between eIDAS regulation and its harmonized implementation on national levels – thereby driving an efficient cross- European eIDAS implementation framework. In the presence of EU Commissioner Andrus Ansip, the first European signature dialog took place in Vienna, June 2017.

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