From paper to the employee’s electronic file, in 4 steps

Given the fact that we have at our disposal both the legal framework and the technological solutions that allow the digitization of HR processes by electronically signing all documents, it is obvious that the continued use of paper in human resources processes is more a matter of habit. How do we get over this habit? Maybe the steps below will help!

Step 1. We find out that there is a legislative framework which allows the use of electronic signature. Both at national and European level through the EU eIDAS Regulation no. 910/2014. In addition, according to the eIDAS Regulation (applicable in all Member States of the European Union, so including in Romania), the qualified electronic signature has the equivalent legal effect of a handwritten signature!

Step 2. We understand that HR is not digital if we print two copies in the end. As long as we electronically write the HR documents (on computer or laptop), we have an electronic database of employees, we send the REVISAL to ITM electronically, etc. – only to end up going to the printer where we print the documents in two copies for signing them – we can't talk about 100% digital HR processes.

Step 3. We implement the solution according to the specifics of the company. There are electronic signature solutions that can be implemented depending on the specifics of each business. If we already have an HR platform / solution in the company, the electronic signature can be integrated with it. If not, there is also the option of an independent signing solution, through a web platform.

Step 4. We move on to the employee's electronic file. The flow is the same. Just at the end, instead of printing the documents on paper, you open them in electronic format (on any device – desktop or mobile), apply the electronic signature in a few clicks and you're done! You have an electronic file of the employee – from the individual employment contract, to additional documents, job descriptions, evaluation sheets, declarations, certificates, leave requests, etc. – practically any document you sign now with the pen, can be electronically signed and even more, electronically archived! We can go even further – with the payment statements, the 112 Declaration on the obligations to pay social security contributions, income tax and nominal records of insured persons, contracts with suppliers and much more!

During the event "Virtualized: HR Survival Kit during & after the pandemic outbreak", certSIGN answered questions about the use of electronic signature in HR processes. Here is how such a conversation took place in the dedicated certSIGN chat in the 3D exhibition area and the answers to the participants' questions!

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