The first selection stage of the Romanian team for ECSC2020, successfully completed this weekend. What’s next?

Students passionate about cyber security, enrolled in the European Cyber Security Challenge (ECSC 2020), competed in the first qualifying session of the national stage of this competition over the weekend. Following the session held on May 9-10, the first 15 ranked in the two categories (juniors, 16-20 years and seniors, 21 and 25 years) will participate in the coming months in competitions such as capture the flag and training with specialists in the field.

certSIGN, active supporter of the largest European cyber security competition, was involved in this first phase by developing multiple challenges with different levels of difficulty (in areas such as forensics & crypto, networking, IoT and reverse engineering) and supporting the participants who had to solve the problems during the 24 hours dedicated to this stage.

Furthermore, our cyber security specialists will be involved in both the training and evaluation processes of the bootcamp organized in September, to establish the team that will represent Romania in the ECSC2020 final held between November 3 and 7 in Vienna, Austria. After last year's edition, organized and won for the first time by our country, the Romanian team will fight this year with 21 other European countries for the big trophy, including Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Great Britain, Portugal etc ..

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