The leaders of business digital revolution meet at ZF Digital Summit 2017

ZF Digital Summit 2017 brings together the leaders of IT&C industries in a series of discussions about the current trends of the IT&C market, the new types of cyber-attacks and the impact the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) could have on the market.

Tomorrow, 14 October, one of the most interesting panels addresses “The New reality of cyber-attacks”. In this panel, Valentin Necoara, certSIGN’s CTO, will speak about the types of cyberattacks that Romanian organizations are up against and how they can be prevented.

certSIGN, one of the most important developers of cyber security solutions in the region, holds a private CSIRT in Romania and provides Cyber security consulting, Pen Test,  Managed Security and Training services. Furthermore, certSIGN provides cybersecurity products developed in-house that were included in NATO’s NIAPC catalogue (NATO Information Assurance Product Catalogue).

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