The Romanian Red Cross digitizes its processes with certSIGN’s qualified electronic signature solution

The National Red Cross Society of Romania has chosen to streamline its internal and external processes by implementing, at the level of the Headquarters in Bucharest and its branches throughout the country, certSIGN’s qualified electronic signature solution. The decision to move the flow of approval and signing of documents in the digital environment was determined by a prior analysis of the time and costs allocated to the signing and management of paper documents and the considerable number of partners and collaborators of the organization.

The process of digital transformation through qualified electronic signature concerns various types of documents, such as administrative and operational documents, as well as human resources documents (employment contracts, annexes, etc.). The documents signed with the certSIGN solution have legal value, due to the fact that the qualified electronic signature is the only type of signature legally equivalent to the holographic one, according to the European Regulation eIDAS 910/2014. At the same time, the time for generating, signing, sending documents, the costs associated with these activities and paper consumption has been substantially reduced.

“The Romanian Red Cross and its volunteers are always at the forefront of humanitarian assistance, and we have chosen to stand by them, responding to the needs of digital transformation and efficiency, which the institution’s representatives have identified, with a mature electronic signature solution, robust and safe. I think that this first partnership marks the beginning of an extensive collaboration between certSIGN and the Romanian Red Cross.”, says Adrian Floarea – CEO of certSIGN.

“First of all, we wanted to streamline activities and improve communication between our headquarters and the territorial branches in the country. Second, the rules of social distance imposed by the pandemic contributed to the decision to implement an electronic document signing solution. The only solution that offers 100% legal value to signed documents, lower costs, increased efficiency and fast technical support is the solution provided by certSIGN that helped us digitize the key processes of the organization. We are grateful to certSIGN for meeting the needs of our organization and offering us this solution in the form of a donation.”, says Ioan Silviu Lefter, general director of the Romanian Red Cross.

About the Romanian Red Cross

The Romanian National Red Cross Society is a humanitarian organization, a member of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, an auxiliary of public authority and empowered by law to come to the aid of vulnerable people. Its entire activity is carried out in order to alleviate the suffering of persons at risk without any distinction as to nationality, race, religion, age, sex, military, social or political affiliation. The Romanian Red Cross is present at national level with 47 territorial branches and over 7,000 volunteers who are actively involved in its actions. More information about the Romanian Red Cross is available on

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