7 reasons why you should electronically sign your contracts

According to the Romanian legislation (Legea nr. 455/2001 privind semnătura electronică) digital documents electronically signed using a qualified digital certificate have the legal value of their printed, hand signed and stamped counterparts.

The qualified digital certificate allows the signing of any document in electronic form, whether it be contracts, tax returns or simple photographs.

The reasons why you should sign electronically and not by hand, are as follows:

  1. As mentioned earlier, electronically signed documents have the legal value of their printed, hand signed and stamped counterparts
  2. The electronic signature can not be forged
  3. Electronically signed documents can be emailed without consuming paper, printer ink and post office fees,
  4. You have the guarantee that no one can change the content of the contract after you you electronically signed it. Any changes made after the document was electronically signed will render the electronic signature invalid.
  5. Electronically signed documents do not reach the destination with delays due to weather conditions.
  6. It is an environmentally friendly way of signing and transmitting documents of legal value. No paper consumption and no emissions of pollutants in the atmosphere.
  7. Electronic documents can be archived electronically, with a few clicks, without having to store them in physical space.

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