certSIGN and the art of Customer Experience in the financial sector, at IDC Financial Forum 2018

certSIGN, as the main partner of the IDC Financial Forum 2018 event, came to support the financial and banking community with practical solutions to build customer confidence in the context of digitization. The Forum took place on Thursday, November 15, 2018, at the Stejarii Country Club Bucharest, under the concept of "The Art of Customer Experience in the Financial Sector".

certSIGN: Strengthening confidence in digital services through security

Security is an essential element in enhancing customer confidence in digital services in any sector of activity – including financial and banking. For that reason, Adrian Floarea (CEO CertSIGN) has highlighted – in his presentation „Building trust in digital services” – the key issues a player in the field has to take into account.

Over 12 years of activity have taught us that in order to be trustworthy, innovation in the products and services offered is not enough. This should be complemented by the pursuit of national / international regulatory and security regulations, the anticipation of trends, to the level of involvement in defining them.

In this context, certSIGN has become an official member of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) and is actively involved in the development of IT standards with a global network of technology experts dedicated to e-signature in cloud, in accordance with EIDAS regulation. The certSIGN experience and this new quality obtained in 2018 allowed us to share with IDC Financial Forum participants how contributing to the development of security standards is an invisible component of an interaction that customers can trust.

certSIGN’s interactive session "Challenges of identification in digital banking", in the top of the participants' preferences

Moderated by Constantin Burdun (Deputy CEO certSIGN), the interactive session "Challenges of Identification in Digital Banking" gathered at the table of debates specialists in the financial sector that – starting from a series of legislative regulations representative in the field – discussed the following topics:

• Electronic identification – what is concrete and if it is a feasible way of identifying in the digital environment?

• Types of barriers that would slow the adoption of electronic identification.

• Blockchain – emerging technology, facilitator for implementing electronic identification and sharing it among the beneficiaries of this process.

During this interactive session it was also presented the certME ecosystem developed by certSIGN, which allows the guarantee of a person's identity attributes and their online verification by any third party requesting irrevocable identification, without the physical presence of the person.

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