certSIGN provides SSL certificates worth 250,000 euros in the Netherlands

certSIGN, qualified trust service provider based on qualified digital certificates accredited at European level according to the eIDAS Regulation, has signed an agreement for the sale of its own SSL certificates in the Netherlands.

certSIGN currently has projects in 21 countries such as Finland, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Serbia, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Cyprus, and this year is focusing on developing partnerships for the sale and implementation of its solutions in other European countries.

The first market to be considered is the Netherlands, where certSIGN has signed a partnership for the sale and implementation of 250,000 euro website authentication certificates (SSL certificates).

The SSL certificates that certSIGN will market in the Netherlands ensure a high degree of website security and are also used by companies that provide services where the security of users’ personal data is critical, such as Internet / Mobile Banking or online payment services.

“certSIGN has managed to build a relevant position in the local IT&C landscape and, based on the skills and solutions developed, has successfully accessed external markets. Previous experiences have shown us that our solutions are stable and efficient, so this year we decided to focus on strategic partnerships with key IT players in several European countries, the first step being the partnership in the Netherlands, and the services provided under this partnership meet the security needs of the websites required to meet GDPR requirements, the SSL certificates sold are compatible and recognized by all web browsers. ”, says Adrian Floarea, CEO certSIGN.

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