certSIGN remote electronic signature, implemented in First Bank’s 100% online banking platform

For the first time in Romania, certSIGN remote electronic signature was implemented in First Bank’s video banking platform, thus offering the possibility to obtain any type of 100% online banking service – including unsecured loans.

Because the video identification made through Video Advisory 2.0. (VAD – "virtual branch" of First Bank) is equivalent to the physical presence of the beneficiary in the units, anyone can go through the onboarding procedures (registration) and get any type of banking service exclusively online.

The Video Advisory 2.0 solution together with the certSIGN service for issuing qualified certificates for remote qualified electronic signature are certified by LSTI – one of the most important audit firms in Europe. Successful completion of the audit carried out by this independent conformity assessment body ensures compliance with electronic identification standards and regulations and reliable services for electronic transactions.

The VAD solution offered by First Bank integrates the process of issuing qualified remote electronic signature certificates by certSIGN, in accordance with national legislation and EU Regulation no. 910/2014 eIDAS. Electronic signatures are created with certSIGN Paperless solution, which is certified at European Union level as a qualified electronic signature creation device (QSCD).

Thus, customers can benefit from a digital experience, having easy and fast access to the necessary banking services, with obvious advantages:

• without printed papers and pen signatures (on average, 150 pages are required to sign all documents related to an unsecured loan and at least 16 customer signatures are required);

• with a minimum effort from the beneficiaries;

• one single, simple and time and cost effective interaction;

• without restrictions (opening accounts and crediting from anywhere);

• ease and access 24/7 in managing electronically signed documents with the bank;

• no roads to the bank.

More details about the Video Advisory 2.0 (VAD) solution offered by First Bank in partnership with certSIGN can be found on firstvideobank.ro.

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