certSIGN’s Paperless remote signature solution, integrated in Tremend’s TORP digital onboarding platform

certSIGN’s Paperless remote electronic signature solutions have been integrated into Tremend's TORP digital onboarding platform, following a partnership between the two companies to digitize customer-company interaction. Thus, users benefit from both remote assisted video identification (eKYC – Electronic Know Your Customer) through the TORP platform, and Paperless remote electronic signature, for 100% digital business processes.

Both instruments are audited and certified according to the legislative regulations in force, ensuring both technical security and legal compliance:

Paperless remote electronic signature, developed by certSIGN – is audited and certified as a qualified electronic signature creation device, according to eIDAS Regulation no. 910/2014, allowing the creation of remote electronic signatures with legal value without a token and without the installation of special drivers, from any device, from anywhere and anytime, guaranteeing the secure processing and storage of data and a high degree of protection against cyber attacks;

TORP digital onboarding platform, developed by Tremend – is audited and certified by the French company LSTI (independent conformity assessment body, in the context of issuing qualified certificates), identifying the user through a real-time video stream, in agreement with all global directives – AML5 (Anti-Money Laundering), GDPR, SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) and the eIDAS Regulation.

“Digitization is increasingly present in all fields, and the adoption of a remote electronic signature solution makes the transition to digital easier with lower costs, increased efficiency and the ability to sign electronic documents with legal value anytime, anywhere, from on any device. We are pleased to partner with Tremend, where, in addition to a certified and European-recognized technical solution, certSIGN contributes to the proven experience in digitizing an organization's key processes, as well as a team of specialists ready to provide the best technical solution. and its compliance with legal requirements.”, mentioned Aurel Meiroșu, Business Development Manager, Electronic Signature Business Unit, certSIGN.

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