CISRES. Or how can HR processes be optimized in SMEs as well?

Qualified electronic signature solutions have become almost indispensable for any business that wants to keep up with market dynamics, offering speed, flexibility and cost efficiency, while ensuring legal value to documents. The Human Resources Department is one of the largest generators of documents in any company, and its digitization is a priority.

CISRES, a project developed by certSIGN in partnership with the Military Technical Academy and the Research Agency for Military Technology, aims to create an electronic signature mechanism that can be easily and quickly integrated with third-party applications. This not only simplifies the process, but also provides the guarantee that the qualified electronic signatures issued and used are recognized and valid in the EU market.

Case Study: JoyToys Company


“JoyToys” is a medium-sized wooden toy factory. With a team of over 200 employees and multiple locations across the country, the company faces significant challenges in managing the HR department’s documents. Traditional processes, which involve printing, manually signing and scanning documents, are inefficient and time-consuming.


  • The long time required to sign and subsequently process employment contracts, confidentiality agreements and performance evaluations, as well as OSH specific documents.
  • The risk of human error, such as the loss or misfiling of documents.
  • Costs associated with printing, scanning and storing physical documents.
  • Staff turnover


The company decides to integrate the CISRES service to digitally transform the HR department. This allows:

  • Electronic signing of employment contracts and other HR documents, directly from the company’s internal platform.
  • Instant verification of the authenticity of signatures, according to eIDAS standards.
  • Digital archiving of all signed documents, with the ability to access them quickly and easily, anytime and anywhere.

In addition to the integration with the service of issuing qualified digital certificates, with the service of video identification, the integration of CISRES with HR applications ensures the rapid signing of HR documents.


  • Phase 1: Testing CISRES on a small group of employees and adjusting workflows.
  • Phase 2: Extend the use of CISRES to the entire HR department.
  • Phase 3: Monitoring and evaluating performance and expanding the service to other departments.


  • Increased efficiency: Reducing the time required to sign and process documents from days to minutes.
  • Accessibility and Flexibility: Employees can sign documents from anywhere, without having to be present at the company’s headquarters, thus providing more flexibility for both employees and management.
  • Cost efficiency: Eliminate the costs of consumables, printing, scanning and storage of physical documents.
  • Legal compliance: All electronic signatures comply with eIDAS regulations, thus ensuring legal compliance and reducing the risk of litigation.
  • Reducing human error: Eliminating the risk of losing or misfiling important documents.
  • Employee satisfaction: Faster and less stressful processes improve the employee experience, which can lead to increased staff retention.

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