Companies can obtain emergency situation certificates only with an electronic signature

Companies affected in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic will be able to request, starting next week, emergency situations certificates (CSU), an electronic signature being required for their release. Certificates will be used in relations with public institutions for obtaining facilities / support measures or in commercial relations.

Types of emergency situations certificates

Emergency situations certificates, regulated by the Order of the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Business Environment no. 791/2020 in force from March 25, are issued in two forms:

· TYPE 1 (BLUE) – from which results the total or partial interruption of the activity, as a result of the decisions issued by the competent public authorities, according to the law, during the decreed state of emergency;

· TYPE 2 (YELLOW) – from which results the recording of a decrease in revenue in March 2020 with a percentage of at least 25% compared to the average of the revenue from January to February 2020.

Electronic signature, mandatory for obtaining emergency situations certificates

The application for the issuance of the CSU is submitted by the applicant, exclusively electronically, through the platform, and the issuance of the certificates will be made automatically, electronically, after the system validation of the request.

In order to obtain the emergency certificates, the applicant must upload to the platform a series of information and documents, compulsory with the electronic signature of the legal representative / an authorized representative:

· identification data;

· the declaration of the legal representative, by which he attests that all the information and documents underlying the request for obtaining the certificate are in accordance with the reality and complies with the legislation in force regarding the type of certificate requested, referring the total or partial of the  activity or the diminution of the receipts in the indicated amount.

Important! The electronic platform will be adapted and functional within 5 days from the publication of Order no. 791/2020 in the Official Gazette (March 25), therefore the emergency certificates can be obtained starting March 30.

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