Cyber4Kids at Bazar de Cotroceni. Cyber education for children in community dedicated events

For those who don’t already know, October is the European Cyber Security Month. And right at the beginning of this month we have the opportunity to point out our involvement in cyber education projects, in an event dedicated to the community. More precisely, we are talking about Cyber4Kids and the participation in the Bazar de Cotroceni event, on the weekend of October 7-8, 2023. More details on this topic were provided by Alina Ghergu, Marketing Manager certSIGN and Dinu Drog, President of the Incotroceni Association – People, Ideas, Stories, invited to Radio Guerrilla in a special intervention.

1. How can children learn something useful in everyday life, in an event dedicated to the community, such as Bazar de Cotroceni?

“We are talking about a unique community event in Bucharest, and I would even say in the country, we have over 230 locations registered in this event created with our neighbors from Cotroceni, there are 180 courtyards and about 60 small local businesses, each of which are doing something special. It’s a kind of open-door-event where the children prepare all kinds of wonders, from candies, lemonade, muffins that they sell, and the older ones sort out their wardrobes, the ladies also sell various old objects, vinyl collections and so on,” explained Dinu Drog.

But an extremely important and continuously growing component, as noted throughout the 7 previous editions of the event, is the entrepreneurial side of the children:

“We see more and more children who want to be actively involved in the Bazar de Cotroceni event, who ask their parents to open their yards, so that they can open small stalls, stands where they sell all kinds of items. So it is an entrepreneurial spirit developed in the younger generation, which we are trying to promote, and with the help of certSIGN I am sure we will succeed!”, the President of the Incotroceni Association also pointed out.

2. What surprises does certSIGN bring within the Bazar de Cotroceni project?

certSIGN joins this event with a series of cyber education workshops for children:

“Together we talked in the past about cyber education for children, about the campaigns we run – Cyber4Kids – and about the importance of safety on the Internet. Because the Internet is now an environment where children feel at home, it is practically their second home, and then we must make them a safe environment there as well. We will have a workshop at school no. 150 from Cotroceni for the students of this school. But for all the children from the neighborhood and from the whole city, or wherever they want to come from, on October 7th we will have a dedicated cyber education workshop, at a bookstore […] “La Petite Bouffe”, on Doctor Louis Pasteur street no. 38. We are waiting for the children there between 12:00 and 13:00, so that we can learn together about magic passwords, explained Alina Ghergu.

In short? We all want a safe environment for children, and this safe environment is not only limited to “home”, but also extends to the online world! That is why we are waiting for you at the Cyber4Kids workshop organized by certSIGN, held on October 7 at the Bazar de Cotroceni event, where the little ones will receive valuable information about how they can stay safe on the Internet. We are preparing short interactive exercises, but also surprises!

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