Cyber4Kids. How can children be protected from cyberbullying? (ep.6)

Cyber4Kids by certSIGN, a cyber education campaign for children, continues with a new episode on an extremely important and current topic – cyberbullying, a phenomenon all the more dangerous for the little ones as the attacks can come from anywhere, anytime, affecting the victim even in the relative safety of their own home. And the mental, emotional and even physical effects it has on children are no joke. Especially if we take into account the fact that a third of Romanian children have been exposed, as victims or witnesses, to online hate messages, according to the EU Kids Online 2020 study.

Therefore, in the new episode Cyber4Kids we address the issue of cyberbullying with useful tips for protecting children against online abusers:

Video animationCyber4Kids. Cyberbullying (ep.6)

PDF Guide Cyber4Kids. Lesson 6. Cyberbullying

Important to remember?

• Communication is essential in cases of cyberbullying – the child needs to know that he can talk to you at any time about unpleasant experiences online or turn to someone you both trust (friend, relative, teacher).

• It is not advisable to respond to the messages, comments or posts of the aggressors – if someone upsets your child it is possible to say things that he will regret later, making the situation worse.

• Blocking and reporting online aggressors and messages or content posted by them on social platforms (TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp) can be easily done. Also, collecting evidence (text messages and screenshots of social media posts, including media files) can be useful in the long run to demonstrate aggression.

• The fear of the child becoming a victim of cyberbullying is well-founded nowadays, but do not forget that there are also the roles of aggressor or witness. The child must understand that online harassment is not fun and not every action taken or every word said on the Internet can fall into the "It was a joke!" category.

About Cyber4Kids. certSIGN’s cyber education campaign for children

For 8 weeks, on certSIGN YouTube channel, children and parents are connected together to new adventures in Cyber City – the capital of the Internet – within the Cyber4Kids campaign. A series of animated videos, created especially to please the little ones but also to make adults aware of the unseen dangers of the online environment, will contain tips and rules for accessing sites or online games, downloading applications or how to build high-security passwords, as well as many other interesting things.

The action takes place in Cyber City and the main character is your child, a Super Cyber-Hero, who will collect during the campaign a bunch of "magic objects" to help him grow safely and overcome all obstacles in the virtual world.

The adventures in the city of superheroes can be watched on and on certSIGN social channels – YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter. The short-movies are accompanied by guides with tips for children and parents.

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