Cyber4Kids. How to keep personal data safe (ep.2)

If in the first episode of Cyber4Kids – certSIGN's cyber education campaign for children we came to the aid of children and parents with a series of useful tips on mobile games, today we continue with a new topic of interest – keeping personal data safe. Specifically, we are talking about what information constitutes personal data that should not be published on the Internet, means by which it can be requested from children by cybercriminals and measures that parents can take to avoid potential incidents in:

Video Animation "Cyber4Kids. Secret personal data (ep.2)"

PDF Guide "Cyber4Kids. Lesson 2. Personal data is secret"

Important to remember?

• Children should know that information such as full name, date of birth, home address, phone number, etc. must not be disclosed on the Internet either when requested or on their own initiative, in public conversations or posts.

• Cybercriminals can use false identities to obtain such personal data – on the Internet, not everyone is who they claim to be, especially if we are talking about contacts exclusively online. Even if someone looks in pictures, writes or behaves like a child, the little ones can be fooled.

• Pay attention to the data provided by children in messages sent on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp or TikTok, in the online games they play on the phone, tablet or computer, through chat or live discussions, etc.

• Simultaneously with cyber education discussions in the family, through which children should understand why it is good not to communicate personal data, it is recommended to regularly monitor the activity on social media platforms, set the account as private and limit the public who can see the posted content and personal information (the less, the better) only to the friends list.

About Cyber4Kids. certSIGN’s cyber education campaign for children

For 8 weeks, on certSIGN YouTube channel, children and parents will be connected together to new adventures in Cyber City – the capital of the Internet – within the Cyber4Kids campaign. A series of animated videos, created especially to please the little ones but also to make adults aware of the unseen dangers of the online environment, will contain tips and rules for accessing sites or online games, downloading applications or how to build high-security passwords, as well as many other interesting things.

The action takes place in Cyber City and the main character is your child, a Super Cyber-Hero, who will collect during the campaign a bunch of "magic objects" to help him grow safely and overcome all obstacles in the virtual world.

The adventures in the city of superheroes can be watched on and on the social channels certSIGN (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter).

The short-movies are accompanied by guides with tips for children and parents and a contest with LEGO prizes starting on September 28, 2020, in the Guerrilla de Dimineață radio show.

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